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Homeopathy Oxford is the website for Susan Irvine, registered homeopath in Oxford. I have a homeopathic practice in Oxford where I offer consultations to adults, children and babies for a wide range of physical and emotional disorders.

Homeopathy is a popular form of holistic medicine that involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances. The aim of homeopathic remedies is to trigger the body's natural healing abilities and help you regain your health and vitality.

Homeopathy is used and considered effective by millions of people in countries all over the world. They know it is a complementary therapy that is safe, natural and non addictive.

Homeopathy for you

Homeopathy treats the person rather than the disease so homeopaths see patients with a wide range of conditions, both physical and emotional. Homeopathy is equally well suited to short term, recurrent and chronic conditions.

Homeopaths often see patients who have had symptoms for a long time, many of which have failed to respond to a conventional approach, and are looking for an alternative medicine.

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a holistic therapy and each person is treated as an individual, experiencing illness in their own way, rather than a list of symptoms. During an in depth consultation at Homeopathy Oxford I will discover the physical symptoms of your disorder but also the other characteristics that make you unique. Based on these symptoms I will select the most appropriate remedy for you.

Homeopathic remedies are ultra dilute and therefore extremely safe for everyone to use, including babies, children and pregnant women.

Fertility problems

Are you not getting pregnant? Are you searching for more natural, affordable fertility treatment in Oxford? Join the growing number of couples who are conceiving with the help of a homeopathic fertility programme.  As a homeopath in Oxford I work with women who have fertility problems.

I am particularly interested in infertility and in 2011 I attended a training course with the Australian fertility expert Liz Lalor who has had a remarkable success rate of 87% within four cycles. This fertility programme is now used by homeopaths all over the world.


Homeopath in Oxford

I am an experienced, registered homeopath in Oxford and am a member of the Society of Homeopaths, the largest registered body of homeopaths in the UK. I run a practice in Oxford helping adults, children and babies towards better health. I trained at Purton House School of Homeopathy and have been practising homeopathy in Oxford since 2007.


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